Sunday, September 10, 2006

Buon giorno di Firenze

A week ago I was in Ann Arbor.

Let me pause to take a deep breath, because I'm laughing so hard I could cry.


Ann Arbor.

Ha ha.

Ha ha ha.

I guess I've only been in Firenze for 6 days - I arrived late Monday afternoon, but it already feels a bit like a lifetime.

A brief summary of what has happened since I arrived:

1) I have an apartment, on via dei Pepi, right near Santa Croce. It is huge, beautiful, and I just moved in on Friday afternoon.

2) I have a codice fiscale, which is the Italian tax number, something akin to a social security number.

3) I attended my first Italian class (having missed the first few), and learned how to conjugate some verbs.

4) My first night here, I discussed the nature of reality and history with a Brazilian historian studying the renaissance while sitting in front of Santa Croce. It was incredibly romantic.

5) On Friday night, I went to a restaurant for dinner, ended up being taught how to make pizza and making a pizza in the kitchen that was served to a customer, did multiple shots of limoncello with various waiters, and got taken for a ride on the back of a motorscooter at breakneck speeds around the city and up to Piazza Michelangelo by one of the waiters. It was la Dolce Vita, in the wrong city, as my dad helpfully suggested.

6) I have yet to see the inside of a single museum or church.

7) I finished rereading Room with a View in one sitting, and more disturbingly, the Agony and the Ecstasy in another sitting.

8) I discovered that my law department is where Boccaccio supposedly wrote his Decameron (the EUI buildings are up in Fiesole, and are ridiculously historical).

9) The first thing that happened to me upon my arrival to my hostel was that 2 Gypsy girls tried to rob me.

Lots of other things have happened, but most of them have been too mundane to mention.

And a week ago I was in Ann Arbor...

I find that to be completely unbelievable.


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