Sunday, September 03, 2006

Goodbye Michigan...

This post comes to you from Detroit Metro Airport. In a couple of short hours I will be on my way to Florence, Italy for three months. I would say that this will be my last post from the US until 2007, but I realize that I'll be back in the States within a few short weeks for callbacks. So it's a very temporary goodbye.

I can't wait. Last time I was in Firenze I was five years old. My main concern was gelato. Since then I've managed to randomly take a class on the social and intellectual history of the Florentine renaissance (and at the time I thought it totally useless!), read several books set in Firenze, and actually matured enough to prefer vino to gelato.

Gentle readers, fear not that this marks the last post for a long while. I will update you with my adventures, appropriately censored for relatives and potential employers who might be perusing my little blog, of course. And I'm sure there will be plenty of adventures as I navigate the various mundane tasks required to live in Italy (I already know that in order to obtain a residence permit, a special stamp must be obtained from the tobacconist...I'm assuming the same thing goes for bus tickets). So for now, arrivederci!


Blogger Longhorn Law said...

Have fun in Firenze. Be sure to also make it out to Siena if you get a chance. -- a Florentine

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