Thursday, June 03, 2004

The Brooklyn cheese artist

I stumbled across this article today on TotalFark, and I found it to be one of the strangest things I've ever read: "Brooklyn Cheese Artist Makes Bed of Ham".

What is a cheese artist? The byline for the article sort of explains it: Brooklyn Artist Who Painted Room in Mozzarella Cheese Begins Covering Bed in 312 Ham Slices. So clearly, this man creates art with cheese.

This is a picture of the creative genius making his 'bed of ham':

Cosimo Cavallaro, the artist in question, apparently moved away from the medium of cheese two years ago after he after he sprayed five tons of pepper jack cheese over a vacant house. His quote: "I was cloaking myself in cheese. I had started getting comfortable. I always need new boundaries."

And so he moved to ham.

All I can hope is that Cavallaro does not receive funding from the NEA. A madonna of feces is one thing, a bed of ham is another. What this man does is sacrilegious to the core - he wastes excellent cheese and processed ham to fulfill his twisted artistic goals. He would be better off shipping his materials to Africa.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why would it have to be africa, there are other parts of the world where food is needed

7:13 AM  

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