Saturday, March 05, 2005

El Che

This post reflects how much I've been neglecting my blog recently, since it assumes my readers know a) what I've been obsessing about, b) where I'm going to law school, and c) what has been going on in my head.

Let's quickly run through some highlights:

1) I decided to go to the University of Michigan for law school. It's a fabulous school, I adore Ann Arbor, and although it took me a few days to think through whether I wanted to go there or to Columbia, I realized that especially since I want to do a PhD alongside my JD, spending 6-7 years in New York City wasn't for me.

2) At some point after I moved to New York, I finally got a chance to read Motorcycle Diaries. I hadn't seen the movie, but the book struck a chord with me and prompted me to go running off across New York to find more of Che Guevara's writings. Surprisingly hard to find - I ended up largely resorting to the internet. Nevertheless, as I made my way through his writings - which were not excessive since he died at the age of 39, I began an obsession with the man and his message and continue with that obsession at the present moment. I will explain this in more detail in some later post. Let it suffice to say that yes, Che Guevara and Henry Kissinger are my two heroes. They are my Florestan and Eusebius and they get into surprisingly few fights in my head.

3) After my law school decision was made, my parents decided to buy me a car. Now, originally it was supposed to be some crappy used car that I was to get in May. Due to a set of circumstances including the theft of my parents' minivan, I am now the proud owner of a brand spanking new, bright red Jeep Liberty.

El Che

Couldn't be happier - I've never had a car - I always wanted a Jeep, and I think it looks smashing. My parents in turn decided that as an only child, they wanted me to be safe, and besides they had never given me any graduation present either after high school, my bachelor's degrees or my master's. So this is the culmination of all my graduations to date.

All good cars need to have names. And since it is red, it is a Liberty and I'm obsessed with Che, I decided to name it "El Che." So let us all welcome El Che to my family, which now consists of me, Kissinger (my cat) and El Che (my car).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although intelligent (we'll apparently intelligent. 178 on the LSAT, you certainly beat the crap out of my score) you are a dangerously silly person. Silly and shallow is okay for stupid people. It is scary as hell in an intelligent person. You make me very afraid despite your seeming harmless and ineffectual persona.

2:06 AM  

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