Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Harlan Ellison on War of the Worlds

Thanks to Ryan for posting this link in the comments - I just had to elaborate on this.

Harlan Ellison is a genius. He is a literary giant. He is the greatest living science fiction writer. He is my literary hero, my fictionary idol, and an unparalleled crafter of stories.

And I agree completely with what he says about the ever egomaniacal Spielberg. Moreover, I find that his statement that "We live in a society that values less and less the original" is sadly all to true. I too try my best to avoid remakes whenever possible.

And I'm proud that at least on this point, Harlan Ellison and I seem to see somewhat eye-to-eye, although I would disagree with him on putting H.G. Wells' name on the movie - as I suggested in my earlier post, just rename the damn movie and keep H.G. Wells out of this, unless it's as "blatantly stolen from a work by H.G. Wells and then subsequently massacred until nearly unrecognizable."


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