Saturday, July 30, 2005

Dinner party aftermath

I just got back from my parents' house where I went last night for an overnight stay with a couple of classmates. I held a proper dinner party with plates, a table, and even a tablecloth. This was very exciting - to have my food served in a proper setting. I haven't had a table in years. The menu - ceviche, crawfish etouffee, mushroom tart, cucumber salad, and a Hungarian cake.

The food, if I may be immodest, was fabulous. The booze was also excellent and consumed in large quantities.

Now, if I may excuse myself, I'm going to watch some TV, maybe read some torts, and take it easy - in preparation for the dinner party, I was up cooking until 1 am Thursday night, and cooked all the next day after class until we left Ann Arbor. Additionally, the drive home today involved some juicy traffic jams, the closure of the highway I was on, and large amounts of aimless driving trying to find the detour or any alternate route that would get us to Ann Arbor - took us over 2 hours to drive a 50 minute drive. In short - I'm pooped.


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