Monday, August 01, 2005

Luck and my sense of direction

I am well known among my circle of friends for my utter lack of directional sense. I don't pay a lot of attention to where I'm going and can never figure out alternate routes.

Well, yesterday, luck was with me, or else I suddenly developed a sense of direction. I went with a friend to go in search of a Bosnian retaurant in Hamtramck, which we found without any trouble even though the route we were going to take was closed. The restaurant was closed for vacation, but nevermind, we had nothing important to do, so we drove around Hamtramck, then decided to go to Dearborn. This turned out a bit difficult, since the highway was again closed (for the record - the Michigan Department of Transportation website is a lying piece of crap - it listed no total highway closures). So we got off the highway, and again, we found ourselves going in the right direction no matter what. I decided that going to the Hungarian restaurant, Rhapsody, would be a good idea, which is in Southgate and we found it once my friend gave us the address via phone, but that too was closed for vacation.

So finally we ended up in Dearborn, at a fabulous restaurant, eating magnificent Middle Eastern food, including the best tongue I'd ever eaten - tender, succulent, garlicky, lemony - and it was lamb tongue, something I'd never had.

Even with all of the highways closed, we also managed to get back to Ann Arbor without any problem.

Watching my ability to get around yesterday you would have thought that I had a fabulous sense of direction. I just hope this lucky streak of directional sense sticks around for a while. Maybe if I just pay attention while I drive, I might actually start developing some lasting notion of where to go.


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