Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Blog etiquette

I've been blogging for well over a year now, and I've learned a few things about proper etiquette in the blogging world. Recently, a blog was started and subsequently removed that reflected poorly on U of M law students and particularly U of M law school's collegiate atmosphere.

For those of you who might be newer to blogging and are contemplating creating a blog as a prank, because you dislike someone, or because you find something someone did funny - here are a few tips:

1) NEVER EVER use someone else's name in a negative light without their permission. As is repeated as nauseum, employers frequently employ search engines to look up potential employees. Negative information about individuals can negatively impact their future careers - and everyone does stupid things and makes mistakes sometimes.

2) If you're going to write about someone else without their permission, change names and all other identifying information. Sure, some people will know who you're refering to, but at least potential employers probably won't. Best case scenario - don't write negatively about people you know personally unless you're a high school emo dork. And although law school is a lot like high school, the stakes are much higher.

3) Law students should be particularly sensitive to the potential consequences of their actions. Even when writing your own blogs, censorship can be advisable in writing about your own actions. Have sensitivity to the concerns and future of other law students.

4) If you have concerns about or issues with someone, approach them first. Don't blog anonymously about them, don't talk to deans or other persons of authority unless you feel it is a life or death situation - instead, contemplate addressing the person directly. Most people will listen.

I understand that to many people law school is stressful. Just don't forget that we're supposed to be grownups now. And in a couple of years, many of us will have highly responsible jobs and will be making more money than our parents. Behave accordingly.


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