Wednesday, April 19, 2006

End of classes

Today was the last day of classes. It was the end of my third consecutive semester of law school. It is the beginning of the final run towards exams, and a time to evaluate all that has happened this year.

The first thing I'm stunned by is how much I have learned, not just substantively, but also in terms of how to think, analyze and view the world. I have added a level of technical knowledge to my political science and natural science background that has opened up new vistas of research possibilities.

The second thing I'm stunned by is how much I have learned in this single semester. The previous two semesters I struggled to get through readings, somewhat bored and even slightly confused by common law subjects. I realize that I'm more of a code lawyer - I like texts that I can analyze. This semester has been filled with classes I was genuinely interested in - from international trade law through Islamic law.

Moreover, I realize that I read the material much more closely this semester - particularly in the classes of most interest to me.

My first exam is Con law on Tuesday. The last core class of law school. Then comes transnational law, and finally Islamic law. During this period of time, two 25 page papers will serve as my "study breaks" because quite honestly, writing papers is something I have been dying to do since coming to law school. I've missed writing papers and thinking for myself.

There are only slightly more than two weeks left of the semester. Then, I'll be halfway done with law school and embarking on a 7 month research period punctuated by the occasional class. I can't wait.


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