Monday, April 24, 2006

Turtle rights, clone wars, and Constitutional law...

You know you've been studying one subject for too long when you start trying to argue that a Congressional act designed to protect endangered species such as desert turtles violates the Equal Protection clause because it doesn't establish criteria to determine what species are endangered, and is thus not specific enough to withstand an equal protection challenge. Anthropomorphizing animals is a clear sign of impending insanity.

Insanity is further demonstrated when you begin contemplating what rights babies grown in test tubes and never placed in a womb would have under the 14th Amendment. In particular, would a clone grown in some sort of vat have US citizenship without being naturalized? Under the plain language of the 14th Amendment, arguably not - since people grown in vats aren't "born" in the US under a traditionally dictionary definition of "born." Having an army of clones without US citizenship would allow for a lot of leeway, it seems...

I think I need a vacation...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, you have only to take a step back. Law in our society is only the steam rising off the always fresh excrement of capitalism.
There is only one reason a capitalist wants clones and it isn't so there can be more participating members of a democracy, less living space or a new minority.
It is for exploitation, either as parts or labor.
Therefore, we should expect that the verbally gymnastic pharisees who decide what is justice should bend themselves beyond pretzeldom to not recognize clones as human, even if they refer to hormonally-induced litters as miracles and fetuses as fully recognizable humans. Do not be confused by talk about humanity. Christianity is a polite and often misleading lie that allows murderers and rapists to get on with their work without going to prison.
The legal spaces can be filled in once you see what law is for, even if you do not have a legislature's luxury of making it up very clumsily as you pursue eight different agendas.
Also, men are just improperly developed women, Reich convinced Einstein of one of his screwier ideas, Faux News the other night spoke more bluntly about the fundamental logic of the Israeli occupation than any other mainstream source (albeit without mentioning the word "illegal") and Bush the First survived a paedophilia scandal almost totally ignored by the same media establishment that would not let Clinton get blown by a grown woman.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

legal-blogging news from an atriot:

"Blog with fucking impunity, my friends!!!!!

Surfing the Web at work is equivalent to reading a newspaper or talking on the phone, an administrative law judge said in recommending the lightest possible punishment for a city worker accused of disregarding warnings to stay off the Internet.

The case involved Toquir Choudhri, a 14-year veteran of the Department of Education, whose office computer had been used to visit news and travel Web sites.

Right fucking on.
Stunt Woman | 04.24.06 - 8:16 pm |"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you want to die poor?

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