Monday, March 21, 2005

Twice in one day...

It's been months since I posted twice in one day. I feel exhilarated by this newfound blogging freedom.

I have so many things to write - my head is full of thoughts - on subjects as diverse as Che Guevara and...well....Che Guevara. Actually, come to think of it, I haven't really thought about much else since picking up Motorcycle Diaries a couple of months ago.

Che is like Russell Crowe, an Uzi, and Albert Schweitzer all rolled up in one - dashing, dangerous, humanitarian, intelligent, a doctor, a weapon, a sex symbol, powerful, sensitive...the list goes on.

I've read so much Che that I think of him in the oddest moments. For instance, while using the restrooms I think about his mockery of the U.S. plan for economic advancement in Latin America after the Cuban revolution where he refers to U.S. desires to make Latin America a successful region with many latrines - he mocks their low standards for developmental success.

So maybe I obsess a bit much. For now, I will get back to my daily routine, and attempt to banish all thoughts of the heroic icon from my mind. Or at least count down the minutes until I leave work and can read more Che on the subway.


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