Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mastering South American ingredients

My latest culinary venture is those ingredients that you never find in European cuisine - chipotle chilis, tomatillos and plantains.

Today I made my own chipotle sauce - a hot, spicy and slightly sweet product that I then liberally slathered over a couple of buffalo ribeye steaks before broiling them. I also went a step farther with tomatillos (previously I'd just eaten them raw and thinly sliced as a condiment to burgers) and made my own salsa verde.

Oh, and I took some mayo and added chipotle chilis for the ultimate in yuppydom - chipotle mayo.

Tomorrow my dad comes home and I'll be awaiting him with a lovely sandwich of rare buffalo steak sliced thin, chipotle mayo, shaved raw asparagus and my homemade sweet pickled red onions, with maybe a touch of chipotle sauce to add to the overall flavor. Oh, and plaintain chips, fried and lightly salted with salsa verde.

Oddly enough, this sounds more yuppy than South American, but I was curious about experimenting with flavors. I have a long ways to go before I truly master the flavors of South America. I think I'll need a nice trip during winter break to Bolivia or Argentina to truly develop my understanding. Really, I just want an excuse to travel to South America and follow in the footsteps of my soulmate, Che Guevara. All the while storing up culinary tips for future use.


Blogger Your Real Dad said...

My new favorite chili pepper is the poblano. I use 'em in place of bell peppers. They have much better flavor. (I'm not a big fan of the bell pepper though, so I'm biased).

8:57 PM  

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