Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dominick's - What would law school be like without it?

Even though I attended Michigan for undergrad and was of course aware of the existence of Dominick's, until attending law school it rested at the periphery of my consciousness. Since coming to law school, it has become a mental institution (as in, an institution residing in my brain as well as a spot of occasional lunacy). Yesterday I headed there after my transnational law exam, ready to wind down after a week of furious activity - between Tuesday and Friday I took 2 exams and went to Houston for a job interview in between them.

Needless to say, sangria in broad daylight hits particularly hard, resulting in my friend and I singing Aqua and Ace of Base at the top of our lungs from my balcony in the late afternoon.

It also resulted in me going to bed extremely early and waking up feeling refreshed, mentally rejuvenated and ready to attack my papers.

Tuesday was my last exam with all of my fellow summer starters - a strange moment, since the 90 of us had spent three semesters taking classes together. So there was a certain nostalgia about yesterday's drinking at Dominick's - a tiny bit of sadness that everyone is spreading out around the country for the summer, spelling the end of our quasi-unity. There was also a bit of disbelief that we've been in school since the end of May last year - almost one full calendar year.

Today, I'm going to see what the Russian grocery store in town has to offer before burying myself in discombobulated EU directives and regulations, member state legislation and WTO case law.

Life goes on as usual, the brief interruption of Dominick's only a hazy memory reflected in the strange partial facial tan I managed to acquire there yesterday afternoon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not relevant but frightening: Turkey to invade Kurdistan?

10:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the above:

Turky [sic] is so worried they have amassed 250,000 troops on the northern border of Iraq. That's twice as many troops as the U.S. has in Iraq! There have been reports of Turkey running military operations in Nothern Iraq though Turkey denies this.

10:42 PM  
Blogger Julka said...

Dominick's is a University and especially Business School and Law School favorite. Don't worry, your conquering of those charted waters is all too familiar. This 16-year Ann Arborite (yes, you read that right), attended Dominick's for the first time in her life celebrating her own graduation with her fellow BBA2 graduates.

10:09 PM  

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