Sunday, May 07, 2006

I'm loving it

I'm ten pages into writing my research paper on the EU. When I'm feeling like this, I could write forever. All my research material is at hand. Where I can't remember where I saw something that backs up my point, I write "Cite" in the footnotes and highlight it so that I can come back to it later. Formatting of footnotes also comes later. Right now, I'm giddy with the rush of writing. After so much rumination and research, it's a relief to watch the words spill onto the page.

I love writing papers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are three categories of people in terms of understanding the neocon assault against America: liars who are directly or out of delusion part of the open conspiracy, the uninformed, and people from every ideology united by their shock at how amazingly dumb the neokes truly are. Their spectacular failures count as successes in their perverted calculus. If you're a libertarian who wants to destroy the government's capacity for providing social services, and especially if you also happen to be a merc-leasing contractor lobbyist, doesn't the word Katrina make you smile involuntarily? But the biggest failures (or, for bloodthirsty nonhumans actually desiring war, coup) are diplomatic. Bill Clinton, still respected, left the White House with the admiration of the world; Bush, who was offered condolences and messages of solidarity from the DPRK and Iran after IX/XI, has made Americans so hated that in some quarters, their constant claiming to be Canadian has endangered travelling Canucks. Canadian consptheor blogger Xymphora goes over what might be the biggest failure up to Iran's possible pending switch to oil trade in euros: Iran's admission into a Sino-Russian bloc.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

An excerpted quote from the above link:

"The SCO has reportedly set up a working group of experts ahead of the June summit to develop a common SCO Asian energy strategy, and discuss joint pipeline projects, oil exploration and related activities. Iran sits on the world's second-largest natural-gas reserves, and Russia has the largest. Russia is the world's second-largest oil producer after Saudi Arabia. These are no small moves.”
(F Wm Engdahl)

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