Friday, November 17, 2006

Goodbye to two sports legends

Two of the greatest sports legends are dead.

Ference Puskas, the legendary Hungarian soccer player whose 2 goals in the 6-3 win by the Hungarians over the English at Wembley in 1953 assured the Hungarian team immortality in soccer history. Puskas had been battling Alzheimers for a number of years.

More sadly, Bo Schembechler, the immortal former U of M football coach, is dead after collapsing before a TV interview.

Michigan, tomorrow is your biggest football game in recent memory - this is the real national championship game, and everyone knows that. Don't let Bo's death slow you down - instead, play for him, and for the legacy that he left. Let this be a tribute to Bo.

Go blue!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From atriot spinoza, bringin' the kitty porn

3:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At Wayne Madsen Report:
November 17/18/19, 2006 -- Informed sources on Capitol Hill report that among the first acts of Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense will be the elimination of Donald Rumsfeld's favorite entity -- the post of Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, a post currently held by Stephen Cambone, a longtime Rumsfeld friend and arch-neocon.

On Gates' hit list: Cambone and Boykin.

The creation of the Pentagon intelligence post was strongly opposed by the CIA, which was forced to contend with a parallel intelligence agency with its own operational covert forces.
Lt. Gen. William Boykin ("My God is better than the Muslim God"), who is currently the Deputy Undersecretary of Intelligence, will also lose his job with the elimination of the ASD for Intelligence office.
(Transcriber's note note: Boykin's actual words were "my god is bigger than his god." So.)

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theory can be a CIA liar deliberately spreading disinfo to make dissent look like insanity or anti-Semitism, or it can be refusing to accept the loopy and illogical conspiracy theories in the official stories. Consptheor champion Daniel Hopsicker exposed the very un-Islamic behavior of the alleged highjackers to include, years ago, uncovering a wildly Jew-hating German asshole who associates with the [paradoxically Jewish-]Russian mafia and hangs out at flight schools with Arabs. Apparently the FBI recently got concerned about this guy, carefully giving no credit to Hopsicker, because he was setting up a flight school in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
right here.
In other news of the news, the NYT and Post is driving itself insane trying to character assassinate Pelosi and various soulless creeps mourn the passing of the deeply evil and inhuman Milton Friedman.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

[steve simels is regular atriot, demi-icon from the 60s and respected music critic]

What did you think of the Bond movie?
The Old Man from Scene 24 | Homepage | 11.18.06 - 12:40 am

Short version -- easily the best non-Connery Bond ever. Craig's brilliant, the script is very smart, the Bond girl is to die for, excellent villain.
The backstory stuff, including the stuff with Dench as M, is great. They even find a clever way to put Bond in a 64 Aston Martin. And the action sequences are to die for -- by which I mean, no gadgets, no stupid explosions. And no post Tarantino, John Woo, Bourne shit. The stunts are breathtaking because they look actually plausible.

Also, it has a real sixties feel in terms of the locations -- the Bahamas, the Casino, etc.

A real good movie all in all.
steve simels | 11.18.06 - 12:48 am |

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Anonymous Citations said...

Go Blue!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Xymphora reveals new developments in the Ukrainian "orange revolution."

6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Putin a Paedo? A former KGB anti-terror muckity-muck has recently become ill with symptoms that happen to look like radiation poisoning (as opposed to, say, getting a "cold" that looks like a 7.62 round), and earlier he had just coincidentally as it happens written an article at the bottom of this post suggesting that Vlad likes 'em young, after he impulsively kissed a little boy unknown to him on the belly, which all heterosexual adult men do on a daily basis in Russia.

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first negative review of the new Bond hotness I could find comes from a Marxist who pointedly did not leave his morality at home. Thus probably not a serious obstacle for some. Spoliers.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Redlamp8 said...

This message is from Redlamp:

I thought of you during the Michigan/Ohio St. game. Wondered if you were cheering from Italy.

RIP Bo. I appreciate great coaches like Schembechler.

10:26 AM  

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