Thursday, November 16, 2006

Things that make me smile...

While doing some research on Westlaw, I discovered that there exists a journal called the Journal of Sugar Beet Research.

This makes me smile.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't have it on me at present but in a few days will make you smile with some footnotes from the Burton Nights. Burton's is worth reading for the footnotes alone; I intend to copy them all by hand over the course of the next semester barring some distant point at which I can just buy them. He and Casanova are worth all the brainless lying self-entrapped novelists in the Western tradition.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Anti-Semitic Hotness from the United Nations, which is clearly a nest of shifty-eyed big-nosed hairy-assed Moosalums
I will never comprehend the idea that the United Nations is somehow disqualified from being legitimate because of pork. Pork is the express reason for the American government, which is not capable of enforcing laws or regulations beyond Potemkin harassment of vulnerable peoples. Graft is the sole purpose of the military-industrial complex which like its civilian counterpart can pile up brown babies but cannot do what it was made for and defend the nation. The impotence of the UN is normally a frequent joke on extreme right wing racist web sites, explained like the economic disenfranchisement of blacks or Muslims as some mysterious circumstance disconnected from history, without cause beyond race. This is simply cruel once one takes into account the abuses the US visits on the UN; if I attend a better college will I ever comprehend what the hell is Bangladesh supposed to do about a Security Council veto sand more aid than Micronesia can afford to resist? It's like pissing on the four-year-old as she is defeated by a boxing gorilla. In fact, looking at the UN without racism we see that the real problem with it is it isn't our slave as perfectly as it could be and could potentially weakly challenge the elite here and there. Clearly unforgivable, clearly a basis for retaining NATO. We can never forgive the UN for occasionally getting difficult things right.

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