Thursday, November 09, 2006

More optimism...

In my last blog post, I mentioned how I approved of the choice of a former CIA man for Rumsfeld's post. Robert Baer (the former CIA guy whose book was the loose basis of Syriana)'s essay about Robert Gates gives me even more optimism.

Robert Gates, if Robert Baer is correct, sounds like just the man for the job.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gates has been extremely well received among nominal liberal types online. Is Gates going to reverse the purges of Porter Goss, which allegedly drove out all the competant and coincidentally outraged people? Does Gates' appointment signal a restoration of Washington establishment control after a disastrous period of chaos under extremist Zionist Jacobin revolutionaries? I am extremely reluctant to say anything good about the CIA or any Bush appointment, but what is interesting to me here is that the damage has largely already been done, so this may be relatively good because of the position of relative safety of this massive raiding expedition. They didn't reach their great goal of transforming the USA into a third world country within one administration, but they certainly got closer, and besides their short term goal of getting all the money they could grab and getting the fuck out of Dodge seems unimpeded by any even token Democrat opposition.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the crazy talking:
doesn't Baer's article demonstrate that Gates is House Bush's clean-up man? There are a lot of similarities, and far from optimism the sense I get is that Gates is one of the less retarded members of the Permanent Government called in to fix things once the cool kids have screwed it up enough. The most sinister fact of this clique of people is the way they are a community of equals, rotating in and out of governmental positions, keeping it within the family. The major players of this crowd first stole tax money under Nixon and have stayed together, sometimes trading Washington office for some board room and back again, for their entire lives. I don't know that Gatesa is properly one of them but even if he'd never attended their schools and divulged secrets in the basements of their fraternities everything Baer says makes him brother enough.

So where is Iraq going to go? The Israeli goal, outlined by an Israeli think tank in the seventies as using the US to permanently destroy Israel's greatest regional threat (which is, ironically, the proxy war thing the Nazis falsely accused the Jews of decades earlier), is close enough to completion that nothing we do will save a unified Iraq. We can go or stay, and pat ourselves on the back for our wisdom in either case. The oil companies, who were totally against the war, have an excuse to ratchet up prices. Terrorism has been exploded from a frustrated act to a fashionable new religion with all the moral high ground Bush can turn his nose up at. World diplomacy is dominated by Rusians and Chinese, with the Americans rejecting even a supporting role and appealing openly for help to their acknowledged superiors (as in North Korea). Every few months an American Jew is caught delivering massive loads of information to Israel, and this has gone on for decades, so that if there ever were an American resistance to Israel (and there is not now, and it is hard to see where it could come from), the locations of sensitive agents would suddenly become available to our enemies at very reasonable prices: on waking we would die. The Bush administration, with or without Rumsfeld, will leave the United States of America an impotent, doddering, foundering hulk, looking forward to third world status, Israel will thank us by switching sugar daddies to the PRC, and Iraq will be Balkanized in a net gain for Iran of all countries.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this irresponsible online gossip is to be believed, Gates is the devil seducing underage pages and chugging vanilla meth-semen-shakes.

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