Thursday, March 24, 2005

The obligatory Terry Schiavo post

Every good blogger has to have at least one post on the Terry Schiavo issue. I'm not a good blogger, and I try to keep my blog non-partisan. But I've had it. I'm so fed up that I could take her feeding tube and shove it up Tom DeLay's ass.

So for the interest of sanity, I'm going to post a little something I emailed a friend earlier today. And that'll be my final word on the saga of the vegetable.

I get the feeling that the court system is really really really fed up with the Terry Schiavo case.

From the article: "The decision, announced in a terse one-page order, marked the end of a dramatic and disheartening four-day dash for her parents, Bob and Mary Schlindler, through the federal court system. Justices did not explain their decision, which was at least the fifth time they have declined to get involved in the Schiavo case."

I'd been wondering how pissed off they were...I think they're really tired of no one paying attention to them. How many times can you decline to get involved, or as in the case of the Florida court system, rule to allow her feeding tube to be removed until you finally get paid attention to?

I feel like the parents of Terry Schiavo are like kids and the court system is like their parents:

Schindlers: Can we go to the zoo tomorrow?
Fl. court system: No, you can't.
Schindlers: Can we please go to the zoo tomorrow?
Fl. court system: No, no you can't.
Schindlers: Please, please, pretty please, can we go to the zoo tomorrow?
Fl. court system: For the third time, NO.
Schindlers: You're mean awful people...come on...take us to the zoo...come on....
Fl. court system: I don't care how many times you ask - we are NOT going to the zoo tomorrow!
Schindlers: Oh, come on....other court systems would take us to the zoo...
Fl. court system: No, we're not going to the zoo. Quit asking. Go ask other court systems - see what they would say.

Schindlers: Supreme Court, will you take us to the zoo tomorrow?
Supreme Court: No.
Schindlers: You're awful meanies too! We don't like you....just take us to the zoo, ok...
Supreme court: No.

etc. etc. etc., ad nauseam.


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