Saturday, June 03, 2006

BBQs and Russia's WTO accession process

It's the summer, and summer means BBQ season. Last weekend my parents got me a nice charcoal grill, and tonight I'm inaugurating it with ribs, burgers, chicken, and sausages. To me, that's what summer should be all about - friends, beer, and slightly burnt meat.

Meanwhile, and completely unrelated, I just read an article that makes me hope Russia won't become a WTO member - the marvelously cheap music download site is a "direct obstacles to the country's negotiations to join the World Trade Organization," according to the article. In my opinion, Russia really doesn't need to be a member of the WTO - especially if membership means that I won't get to download hard-to-find albums for less than $1.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Behold, Putin, who had not balked at blowing up his own apartments or starting a second "Russian Vietnam" in Chechnya, who punishes his neighbors with an oily fist and continues the Russian tradition of outplaying stupid American diplomats be it in Iran or in the scam field of SDI, is not deaf to the international consumer's cries.

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