Monday, June 05, 2006

Somalia - the effects of US fingers in foreign pies

The recent events in Somalia are of particular interest in the context of the current situation in Afghanistan and Iraq and what the future may hold for them. Somalia, a reflection of the US's ever-extending application of the Monroe Doctrine is in a state of upheaval, years after the US decided to support certain of the warlords. Sick of the effects of US intervention, the people became more extreme, supported more extreme causes and swung towards extremist Islam. Now, Islamic militias have reportedly declared the reign of Islamic law in Mogadishu.

Supposedly these guys are like the Taliban. A reassuring thought - this is what happens when the US meddles in Muslim countries. Either we directly fund the extremists (see Taliban), or we give power to the extremists by supporting their opponents.

The Monroe doctrine is the biggest imperialistic mistake of a fundamentally isolationist country. It fucked up Latin America, an area of the world that we had at least some notion about. It fucked up Vietnam, an area of the world which we barely knew about. And it certainly has fucked up and will continue to fuck up the Islamic countries, about which we know little and understand even less.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the Klan were bigger and run seriously, and I were their Madison Avenue contact (MadAve is a morality-free enterprise zone), the resulting recruiting commercials would be unaltered footage from anywhere in Somalia. This will sound wrong, especially to people who are not thinking, but considering where the Somali were at, Sharia is a tremendous improvement.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is just yet another example of how the Victious Glorious And Divinely Approved Holy War Against Jihad is making the world safe for democracy. There is no Preznit but R Wartime Preznit, and those who fail in their love for him will surely be shot in the face and be raped by bears!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Following the path of American military intervention in the Old World is a pattern of extremist Muslim activity. From the shadow of massacres and permanent bases in the Phillipiines, through Indonesia and Thailand to Pakistan, where we are propping up a dictator in terror of his constituency, past Afghanistan which needs no introduction, through the former prison-state of the evil Shah, receiving so much attention lately, into Iraq (where American "liberation" made possible an unprecedented Iranian expansion), down through Saudi Arabia (where permanent American military installations joined the unique parasite-host Israeli alliance as a primary motiove for bin Laden), into central Africa (kept perpetually at war because of the money to be made off of it). It seems everywhere we go lately gets al Qaeda fever. There is no more effective tool for the propagation of Jihad than murderous Wilsonian nonsense.
Of course seeing this means you have failed to pluck out your sinful lying eyes and you must hate r chrupes.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enough about US fingers in foreign pies already. How about foreign fingers in foreign pies? I have asked before, and you have dismissed my question with a perfunctory "no," whether that pervert human trafficker ever got his fingers in your pie? Would you care to elaborate?

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